MapMap – a Google Map Wizard

What is MapMap?

MapMap is another WordPress plugin to display Google Map.

It uses wizard for user convenience. This map wizard will guide through the process of adding Google Map on your website. It’s shortcode based and allow multiple maps in a page.

Why Choose MapMap?

Allow multiple maps. MapMap has been created to allow multiple maps displayed in one page. Each map has unique identification even using same shortcode. You can display as many map as you like and Google Map API is only called once.

Simple and easy to use. MapMap is so simple and easy to use. When using MapMap Wizard, most of the settings come with their default value. For example default center location is Google Office, default size of map is 100%x300, default marker, default zoom, map type and so on. All have default value, make it perfect for general users.

Location. It is not easy for average users to get latitude & longitude of their target location. The latitude – longitude coordinate is required to define center position of the map. The map wizard come with input box for you to find address. You may enter street address, state, or popular place, and let Google guide to the initial location. From there you can drag the marker to desire position.

Optimization. MapMap have options to help website optimization, ie. where to load Google Map API and also in which pages the Google Map should be loaded. For example if you put the map only on contact-us page, better you load the API and their scripts only on that page.

Future release. In the future releases, we would like to add functionality to display Google Map as pop-up window. So you can add icon that link to Google Map only when clicked. By that approach your site will not lose the speed. Also in near future, we will add other options to set street view, custom marker and polygon area.

Map Features

Here is the list of MapMap features:

  • Shortcode based
  • Easy to use map wizard
  • Multiple maps in one page
  • Use custom marker
  • Info window title and description
  • Auto detect zoom, map type and other Google Map settings
  • Option to load Google Maps API in footer or inside head tag
  • Option to load Google Maps API in specific page or all pages
  • Edit existing map configuration without editing shortcode
  • MapMap as pop-up window (next release)
  • Option to remove or keep database records when deactivate the plugin


Download this plugin here at

Or at GitHub:

MapMap examples

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